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C. L. HaneyC. L. HANEY is the illustrator, garden designer, sales executive, and real estate consultant. She loves food and wine … and therefore loves exercise. C.L. currently lives in southern Arizona where she has grown to appreciate sunny seventy-degree winters, glorious summer thunderstorms, and jalapeño chilies. Her closet is organized by color and her spices are alphabetized, but occasionally she finds her car keys in the freezer.

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Bonnie Keast, ED.D.BONNIE KEAST, ED.D. is the writer, teacher, consultant, nature appreciator, and certified personal coach. Rather than garden, she admires and sniffs other people’s roses. She has herb pots and a mixed-up drawer of spices and is curious about the metaphorical implications of C.L.’s interest in the alphabet.

Bonnie agrees with James Garfield who said, “The spirit should never grow old,” and she knows that one of the ways to grow younger rather than older is to keep trying new things. One of these “new things” for Bonnie has been progressing beyond heating processed foods and calling it a meal. Herbs and spices have opened up a whole fresh world to explore, and it is delicious.

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