April 2020 New Hampshire Notes


New Hampshire Notes

1While we continue to stay mostly in, trees are beginning to green outside. Delicate little baby leafs are popping out and slowly growing. Birds are singing for mates and buckets of rain have been falling this month.

In spite of New Hampshire’s “Live Free or Die” license attitude, most folks are following guidelines in my little corner of the world. Homemade masks are everywhere and unfortunately it reminds me of the westerns I used to watch where masks told you who the bank robbers were. People are keeping their distance and I’m sometimes oblivious when I walk in the supermarket. My fellow citizens don’t hesitate to point out that I’m going the wrong way in the aisle.

23I do get out some days and on one of the few sunny days this month, I drove to a state park in nearby Kingston. Although all 93 state-run parks are officially closed, people were walking there while keeping 6 feet apart. It was peaceful and lovely.

Later while exploring the town, I spotted Kingston’s historical museum. It seems every New England town has one and this museum had a sign requesting writings from our current historic challenge.
46Kingston was also home to Josiah Bartlett, a physician, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and early governor of the state. You may recognize the name; President Bartlett of West Wing was also Josiah Bartlett.

At the edge of town sits a beautiful old Victorian Gothic established as Sanborn Seminary (1883-1966). It was first a secondary boarding school, then buildings were added for various purposes and eventually it was sold to the town. The property now serves many functions including that of a regional high school.

Wishing you and your loved ones health and ease as we slide into a yet-to-be-determined “normal”.

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