March New Hampshire Notes



New Hampshire is known as the Granite State.  In fact, wherever you dig in the state, you’re likely to run into chunks or layers of granite.  Because of its density, granite has been valued as a construction material.  Washington D.C.’s Library of Congress and New York City’s UN Headquarters are just two of many buildings made from New Hampshire granite.  This little state has spread itself around!
Near Exeter is the town of Stratham (pronounced Strat um), established in 1716.  As New Hampshire is one of the earliest presidential primary states, Mitt Romney chose Stratham to announce his candidacy in the 2012 Presidential race. The town has the distinction of housing the only Lindt Swiss chocolate factory in the United States.  Yum!  The town also has Stratham Hill Park with 70 acres of land and over 6 miles of hiking trails.  About thirty years ago, a hiker in the park spotted a slab of granite shaped just like the state and donated it to the Stratham town offices where it sits proudly on display.   

There’s an old adage, be careful what you wish for, that I should have taken more to heart when I wrote February’s newsletter.  It seems Mother Nature has chosen to deliver January weather in March this year.  There have been several days of snow, high winds, and loss of power for many on the East Coast.  We have been lucky here in Exeter as power (providing precious heat and internet connections) has remained strong.  There are still huge mountains of snow on street corners making it hard to check for oncoming traffic.  Throughout the month, houses were decorated with long, beautiful icicles hanging from roof tops.  Woe be the careless soul who could be impaled if they walked beneath at the wrong time.

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