September New Hampshire Notes



e47fd0a0-924a-46ae-9dc5-6f0ffda90157This is the lovely fall season.  Colors are changing daily.  Driving north into Maine, I saw an increasing number of trees letting go of their traditional green color and welcoming the warm yellow, orange, and red colors of fall.  This is one of the wonders of living in a four-season climate.  The anticipation and then the gradual unfolding of the next season.  For fall, that means a glorious palette of warm colors.

My new home of Exeter is filled with history.  It was one of the four original towns in Newd5d77825-0354-427c-be89-531645717464 Hampshire and served as capital during the Revolutionary War.  The state has also welcomed many politicians through the years.  Abe Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, spent a year at Phillips Exeter Academy and his father visited him while on a speaking trip in the east.  Papa Lincoln was campaigning and was elected the following year to the presidency.  Mr. Lincoln arrived by train on February 29, 1860, and spent three days in Exeter with Robert and his friends.  He also spoke in the new town hall (built 5 years earlier) to members of the town.  One of Robert’s classmates wrote in his diary that he and his friends pitied Robert because his father was so homely.  He then added that when Mr. Lincoln spoke, “His face lighted up and the man was changed.”  A large sign beside the Town Hall commemorates the event of Lincoln’s speech.

Lest you believe that all is seriousness and history here in Exeter, rest easy. There have been numerous UFO sightings in New Hampshire, with several in Exeter.  The most well-known was the “Incident” which occurred on September 3, 1965.  Several people including 2 of the town’s policemen saw a “huge object with flashing red lights” that hovered in several places and even followed a car for many miles.  Beginning in 2010, the Exeter Kiwanis began sponsoring a UFO Festival with tours of sighting places, games and alien art, plus talks in the town hall by UFO sighters, scientists, and UFO fans.  Shops around town use their display windows to promote the event.  Although I didn’t go to the talks, I went to the festival and have the tee shirt to prove it.

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