The “How To” Series


DSC01854There is a large selection of books written in English in the bookstores of Amsterdam.  In fact, one book shop featured an entire window display of little, English-language paperbacks from the “School of Life” series.  I found many of the titles intriguing. 

  • The titles “How to Stay Sane” and “How to Thrive in the Digital World” seemed to go together.  Staying sane (whatever that means) is an ongoing challenge in a world filled with the relentless wave of facts, opinions, information, images, and subliminal messages.  It used to be that someone walking on the street muttering meant they were a bit crazy.  Now we recognize it’s just one more person talking on a cell phone.
  • I thought the title “How to Think about Exercise” was just plain funny.  Though the book itself may have been filled with excellent information about the benefits of exercise, the title suggested that thinking was more important than doing.  Of course, many of us think or talk about exercising more than we actually do it so perhaps this author had a very valid title!
  • The most challenging idea was titled “How to Change the World”.  I’m almost afraid to imagine what the suggestions might be.  Many folks would like to change the world to their own image. Sadly, relatively few seem to want to make changes for entirely unselfish reasons.

I guess if I were writing a book in this series, I’d entitle it “How to Have Fun While Growing Old” because this stage of life is giving me so many opportunities to explore the fun side of aging.

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