New Adventures


My aunt Ree (short for Etta Marie) used to take my sister and me – and much later my niece and nephew – on little “adventures” with her.  These trips might be as short as a bus ride to get an ice cream cone or to go shopping.  They also could be as long as a 3-day train trip to another state.  She called these excursions “adventures” and I’ve always thought of travel as an adventure.   Even though you plan your travel,  you never really know what will happen or who you will meet along the way.  That’s what makes it such an adventure.

So I’m off again on another travel adventure.  I’m beginning this trip with a short stop in Boston to walk along the shoreline to a little shack known as Sullivan’s for a New England lobster roll – yum.  Just a split  hot dog bun stuffed full of tender lobster meat, served with french fries, and oh, so delicious.  This became more than I’d bargained for when it started to rain; but fortunately, there was room under the overhang for my lobster roll and me.  While munching, I could listen to conversations around me, filled with earthy South Boston accents.  Later this evening, it’s off to the airport and the beginning of another travel adventure.

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