Recipe Sharing


Times have changed in so many ways!  As I was growing up (many decades ago) we occasionally had company for dinner.  If my mother had made a particularly luscious dish, the women in the group would invariably ask for the recipe.  During cleanup time, mother would get file cards, provide pens, and the women would carefully copy the recipe by hand.  I still have the little recipe box holding her own recipes as well as those cards she copied from friends with headings like “Marla’s Yummy Tomato Aspic” or “Sally’s Divine Tuna Casserole”.  Of course, why I’m hanging onto these cars is another story altogether!



Fast forward a few decades to times when recipes could be scanned then copied for friends.  Instead of little 3 x 5 file cards, now we had 8 ½ x 11 sheets of paper to put in binders as our recipe treasure trove.  Today’s technology lets us download a recipe we’ve seen on television and send links of our favorite recipes to friends in an email.


I was reminded of this evolution of recipe sharing the other day when I had dinner at a friend’s house.  For dessert she had us making crepes – delicious.  I asked for the batter recipe that was printed on the cover of a pan.  She said, “Sure, take a picture” so I found my phone and here’s the recipe!  By the way, the word under the flash reflection is “melted”.





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