You Can’t Get Away

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Even though English isn’t generally spoken in many parts of Spain, the influence of American advertising is felt.  Most of the restaurants I’ve visited had their menus printed only in Catalan and/or Spanish, although many of the wait staff understand basic requests in spoken English.  However, McDonald’s is a BIG presence.  In fact, the tour map handed out on Las Rambles highlights all the McDonald’s stops in color that one can make in the city!

As you can see in the picture, Mickey Mouse is also a presence in this lovely city of Barcelona.  This ride for tots was outside of a small shop. The shop was one of many that sell all sorts of products, similar to the American five and dime storesDSC00960 of old.  There are pots and pans next to painting equipment and bras along  beside spiral notebooks.

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  1. Well how convenient to do your shopping for office supplies and while you’re at it, get a new bra! Been wearing older ones and keep telling myself to get the heck out and buy new ones (detest bra shopping, almost as much as mammograms) and yet I was just at Staples twice this week … If only they’d had bras too, I might have actually gotten that handled too! Ha.

    As to McD’s, seems sad how advertising has to permeated our cultures. Egads

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