To Pout


Kew Gardens in London is a gardener and nature lover’s dream.  Filled with plants from all over the world, it’s a delight to the senses.  There’s even a Kew Palace, which was the family home of King George III, his Queen Charlotte, and their many children.

One can tour the palace and learn more about the royal’s life there.  One of the rooms is Queen Charlotte’s boudoir.  It was a lovely parlor that showed some of the activities of the Queen and her many children.  We think of a “boudoir” as a bedroom but the word actually comes from a French word meaning “to sulk.”   So when the Queen was feeling tired or pouty, she could retire to her boudoir until she felt better.  There’s something about having a special room to pout that I find amusing.  Do you?

P.S. I also learned that King George III suffered from a rare blood disorder called porDSC00870phyria which had many of the symptoms of the madness that he was treated for.

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