The Danger of Shrinking Circles


The plate in the picture is sitting on the floor of my landlady’s apartment here in Barcelona, Spain.  The beautiful parquet floor is just another decorative touch in this architecturally fascinating city of wood, stone, metal, and tile.

Yesterday, we were talking about our day’s activities.  She walks to visit her family every day and often to get to various places in the city.  She also meets regularly with her many friends for a drink or meal or to play various table games in one of the nearby parks.  I asked her where her friends live and she drew a small circle.  Barcelona is a big city and she said they all live in the area because it takes too long to get to the other side of town.

As she talked about her friends, I thought about the elegant shape of a circle and how it can resemble the circle of life.  One of the things that happens as a natural consequence of growing older is that our circle of family and friends shrinks.  People begin to spend more time following different interests,  they move away to be closer to family, they become chronically ill, and sometimes they die.  If we don’t reach out and make new friends, we can find ourselves becoming more alone as we age.

I’m finding that travel is a wonderful way to expand my friendship circle!  How do YOU grow your own circle of acquaintances andDSC00915 friends?

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