One, Two, Three, GO!


Every city has traffic and traffic lights.  Here in Barcelona though, it feels a bit different.  For one thing, except for the very broad boulevards, all streets appear to be one way.  Bicycles, motorcycles, buses, trucks, and cars share the one to four lanes of roadway.  And, of course, the cars are much more modest in size than in the states.  I have yet to see a SUV.

Here you don’t cross directly at the corner.  Many street corners are “flattened” to provide five or six parking places and the pedestrian crosswalks with signal lights are around the “corner”.  Lights are timed longer which is great if you’re walking, more expensive if you are using a taxi.

DSC00945As you walk in the crosswalk, traffic is just a few inches away, lined up and itching to get moving again. It’s as if the crosswalk were the starting line for a road race, with the starter’s gun set to begin the race.  The green pedestrian light blinks a mere 3 seconds to warn you the light is changing and THEY’RE OFF!

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