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DSC00821Easter occurs in the spring and  families build traditions around the dying and hiding of eggs as part of their Easter celebrations.  Rather than chicken eggs, many people just use plastic eggs to hold little treats or greetings for Easter egg hunts.  The plastic eggs are readily available this time of year and I’d only thought of them for egg hunts.  However, someone has found another creative use for these little plastic ovals.

My cousin told me the story of a family who started a farm to raise chickens for egg production.  The family had built a fairly large enclosure and the hens dropped their daily eggs wherever.  That meant that gathering eggs was a constant and sometimes frustrating hunt.  The family added a roosting spot with nests thinking that the chickens would happily lay the eggs there.  No such luck.  The chickens continued to lay eggs wherever.   Finally, one family member thought to put some little plastic eggs in the nests and after a few days, the hens were neatly laying eggs in the provided nests making egg collection ever so much easier.

For the fun of it, can you think of any other uses for these little plastic eggs?

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  1. As with Easter, you could use the little plastic eggs as a container small enough to remind you that your snack or treat for the day must fit within it’s size and be able to close. That way you can feel happy that you get your daily treat YET stick to a smaller portion to stay healthy! Colorful. Fun. and a visual boundary!

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