Another Form of Recycling


I’d always thought of recycling as putting clippings in the green can, paper and plastic in the brown can, and “wet” garbage in the blue can.  However, studying for a bit here in Barcelona, I’m getting a whole new outlook.

There is a wonderful art museum, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya that is filled with paintings, sculpture, frescos, and relics created by centuries of Catalan artists.  The building itself was built as a National Palace for the 1929 World’s Fair held in Barcelona and has been transformed into a world-class collection of Catalan art.  Another palace, Palau de Pedralbes, was a vacation home for the Spanish Royal Family between 1919 and 1931 and is now a decorative arts museum with the lovely gardens and fountains you see in the picture.  The Olympic Games were held in Barcelona  during the summer of 1992 and now the various venues of the Olympic games hold concerts, academies, and sporting events.  Even the the atheletes’ Olympic Village has been transformed and is now an apartment complex.

DSC00923It’s impressive what forward-thinking, careful city planning can do.  Cheers to Barcelona!

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